300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Composting Waste Box Recycling Eco Storage

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FUNCTIONAL & WELL THOUGHT-OUT: Our composter bin Kompo has a stable hinged lid that allows an easy filling from above. ǀ The valuable compost fertiliser can easily be taken out through a hatch door. ǀ There are ventilation openings for adequate air flow which speeds up the bacterial action. The dark colour of Kompo optimises the heat development inside the bin during sun shine.
ECO FRIENDLY: Thermo composter Kompo will help you to reduce your household waste. It is suitable for organic kitchen remains for example fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee and tea grounds and crushed egg shells as well as for garden waste for example grass cuttings, dried leaves or herbs, leaves and shrub cuttings.
A BIOLOGICAL SOLUTION: Garden composter Kompo converts organic household and garden waste into valuable fertiliser for all plants within about 6 months. The rich compost can be used in flower gardens or kitchen gardens for fertilising your vegetables, strawberries and so on. Make your own compost rather than buying it.