What is the Best Outdoor Garden Storage Box?

What is the Best Outdoor Garden Storage Box

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If you’re looking for some outside storage for your garden then you may be asking yourself the question What is the best garden storage box?

Buying a garden storage box is a difficult decision and what is best for one person may not be the best for another.

To help you find the best garden storage box for your needs, we’ve put together this handy guide to some of the best outdoor garden storage boxes on the market.

However, before we show you them, let’s look at how to choose the best garden storage box.

How to Choose the Best Garden Storage Box

A storage box is certainly a great addition to every outdoor space like the patio or deck. It is a convenient solution for limited storage space and allows you to keep all important items in one place.

They secure various outdoor items from garden tools to pool toys and cushions. Nowadays, garden storage boxes have become more accessible and easy to purchase. However, it is important to take note that not all storage boxes are built with the same features and benefits.

If you are looking for a garden storage box, there are some important things you need to know first before spending any money.

Keep reading as we discuss all the information you need to know on how to choose the best garden storage box that can provide you and your family with all your outdoor storage needs.

Storage Box Size

You want your garden storage box to fit your outdoor spaces like your patio and deck. Opting for a storage box that has an appropriate size for these spaces can certainly give you better space management and comfort.

To decide what storage box size is the best, we highly suggest measuring the area you want to place your box first. Then, decide how tall and wide you want your storage box to be. This way, you can have the correct size references and avoid purchasing a storage box that’s either too big or small for the space.

Storage Box Shape

The shape of the storage box plays a significant part in its aesthetic and storage capability. Storage boxes are commonly available in three shapes namely rectangle, square, and circle.

Rectangular-shaped garden storage boxes take up space and are best for storing long items like shovels, garden hoses, and many more.

Whereas, square storage boxes are great for saving space and keeping small outdoor items like pool toys and cleaning materials. On the other hand, circular storage boxes offer more safety for children who like to play outdoors because it eliminates sharp corners. It can also store different items like cushions however it could be tricky to find the best spot for it.

No matter what shape you choose, always remember to decide based on the items you want to store and your space’s area and design. Choosing the right shape will give your space a more organized look and also store your items more effectively.

Storage Box Capacity

Storage boxes have different capacities depending on the size and shape. These capacities are often measured in litres.

Small storage boxes usually hold up to 150 litres while medium storage boxes can hold up to around 300 litres. On the other hand, large storage boxes hold around 470 litres and extra-large storage boxes can hold anywhere up to 1500 litres.

It is important that you choose a storage box that has enough capacity to store all your items in one place so you can avoid misplacing them. Additionally, when the storage box has enough capacity, you won’t need to purchase another storage box allowing you to save more money and space.

Weatherproof Storage Boxes

The changes in weather can damage your storage box more than you expected. Hence, it is important to choose a storage box that can withstand different weather conditions and protect your valuables from any possible damages.

The storage box should be rainproof so that rain can’t get inside and cause damage to anything inside. Additionally, it should be UV-resistant to protect the box from the detrimental effects of harsh sun rays. Your garden storage box should be able to keep all your items free from any moisture, mold, or odor.

Storage Box Uses

Apart from storing outdoor essentials, it is wise to select storage boxes that can serve other uses or purposes. Garden storage boxes can serve as a bench to save space and provide additional seating whenever you have guests. These boxes can also be used as an extra table where you can put your cool beverages when having an outdoor party.

Choosing a storage box that provides more uses gives you more convenience. It can also save you some money because you won’t need to buy additional exterior furniture. If you want to see a selection of the best storage benches, take a look at our 5 Best Garden Storage Benches 2022

Box Style

Your storage box should suit your patio or deck to maintain the design and organization. For instance, if you have a traditional wooden patio, it is best you consider a storage box made from wood or those with a wood panel effect exterior to blend in with your aesthetic.

Opting for a garden storage box that fits your patio’s layout will surely give you a better view and a comfortable feeling in the space.

Storage Box Security

Garden storage boxes are often placed outdoors and can easily be accessed by anyone. This could be a significant concern especially when you have children who like to look around and play with various things.

Not having a secured storage box can also raise the possibility of theft. Hence, Your storage box should have a security feature to avoid any of these troubles.

If you plan to put your storage box in an open space, we suggest going for a box that is equipped with a lockable lid to allow you to keep your items secured. The durability of your box can also help in maintaining security. Make sure that the materials used in your store are not easily destroyed or damaged.

Materials Used

The materials used in a storage box influence the durability and longevity of the product. The materials used can also influence the appearance of the storage box. Make sure that you only opt for high-quality materials so you can keep your items safe and ensure long-term use. Furthermore, opt for a material that can go well with your outdoor aesthetic.

Garden storage boxes are mainly constructed with three different materials namely wood, plastic, and resin.

Wooden storage boxes are visually appealing and can suit a variety of décor however it is high maintenance and require frequent cleaning and varnishing to prevent decay and scratches. Moreover, they are not waterproof and moisture resistant. Because of this, your items could be prone to rust. Nevertheless, they have unmatched durability and can last for years when maintained accordingly.

Storage boxes made with plastic are great options when it comes to keeping off the water from your outdoor items. They are water-resistant and don’t decay or corrode. They sport basic designs in solid colors like black, white, brown, and others. On the downside, plastic storage boxes are prone to color fading over time.

Another excellent material for storage boxes is resin. Resin storage boxes combine the benefits of wood and plastic storage boxes. They have detailed texturing that depicts a wicker weave that goes well with different décor.

In addition, they are weatherproof and UV-resistant. Their colors do not fade and they do not decay so you can use them for many years.

A popular brand that uses resin as its material is Keter. Their resin-based storage boxes offer long-term usage and durability to effectively protect all your valuables. If you are looking for a resin storage box, Keter is no doubt a brand you should consider.

If you’re not sure which garden storage box to get then keep reading.

Best Outdoor Garden Storage Box

Below we’ve listed our chosen some of the best and most popular outdoor garden storage boxes, followed by the full details of each. Please note that these are our favourite boxes and not necessarily the best on the market.

1) Keter City Garden Storage Box – Best Box for Small Spaces
2) Keter Marvel Garden Storage Box – Best Cheap Box
3) Duramax Cushion Box and Bench – Best Large Storage Box
4) Keter Borneo Outdoor Storage Box – Best Wicker Effect Box
5) Deuba Wooden Storage Box – Best Wooden Box
6) Keter Java Storage Box – Best Rattan Effect Box
7) Lifetime Heavy Duty Box – Best Heavy Duty Box

1) Keter City Garden Storage Box – Best Box for Small Spaces

Meter City Garden Storage Box

The Keter City garden storage box is perfect for those wanting some outside storage on a smaller scale.

Whether you want to store cushions, children’s toys, or any other bits and bobs the City storage box will help. It’s easy to assemble and can be completed single-handed in a matter of minutes.

Available in both brown and black the city box is a neat stylish box that will look good in any outdoor setting. It’s also well constructed and made from durable fade-resistant plastic. It can be locked and will keep your items safe from the weather.

Main Specifications

Material: Plastic
Colour: Black or Brown
Box Dimensions: 57.8 Long x 44cm Deep x 54.8cm High
Box Capacity: 113L

Main features

  • Great for small spaces
  • Lockable
  • Quick to assemble
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic
Current Price

2) Keter Marvel Garden Storage Box – Best Cheap Box

Keter Marvel Garden Storage Box

The Keter Marvel storage box is exactly what its name suggests, it’s a marvel!

This multi-use storage box is not just a home for a number of items but also doubles up as a garden seat.

The Marvel Garden Storage Box is a versatile solution for any garden, patio, or outside space. With a capacity of up to 270 litres the box can hold all manner of items, from garden seat cushions to children’s toys, garden tools, and supplies.

As the box is made out of resin it is both durable and weather-resistant. The box also requires very little maintenance and will keep the contents of the box ventilated and dry.

Not only does the construction keep items safe but also allows two adults to sit on the lid comfortably as long as the total weight is under 220 kgs.

Finally, the Marvel is surprisingly cheap, takes a matter of minutes to assemble, and can easily be locked to keep all your items safe and sound.

Main Specifications

Material: Plastic
Colour: Graphite Grey
Box Dimensions: 117cm Long x 45cm Deep x 57cm High
Box Capacity: 270L

Main features

  • Decorative wood panel-style finishing
  • Lockable
  • Built in wheels
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic
Current Price

3) Duramax Cushion Box and Bench – Best Large Storage Box

Duramax Cushion Box and Bench

The Duramax cushion box and bench are made from metal meaning it’s somewhat more solid and secure than some of the other storage boxes on the market.

Constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel which is pre-painted means that they are fully protected from any weather types providing year-round protection for your cushions, outdoor accessories, and tools.

Each box comes with a built-in corrugated floor for added protection, hydraulic gas cylinders to keep the lid open, and a strong lockable latch with a padlock eye to ensure safety for all your stored items.

The Duramax box also comes in a variety of sizes including 585 Litres, 770 Litres, and the massive 1450 Litre model.

Main Specifications

Material: Metal
Colour: Anthracite
Box Dimensions: 195cm Long x 95cm Deep x 94.4cm High.
Box Capacity: 1450L

Main features

  • Solid metal construction
  • Strong Lockable Latch
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Built in corrugated floor
Current Price

4) Keter Borneo Outdoor Storage Box – Best Wicker Effect Box

Keter Borneo Outdoor Storage Box

The Keter Borneo storage box is the perfect addition to any indoor or outside space. Not only does it look fantastic on any patio but also adds a touch of class and style to any indoor area or conservatory.

Both elegant and practical, the Borneo storage box boasts a lovely wood and wicker effect and really does look very good.

Although it’s been made to look like wicker it is another of Keter’s low maintenance durable plastic storage boxes. As such it’s great for keeping a variety of things dry and safe from the weather.

With a capacity of 416 Litres, the Borneo storage box also doubles up as a fantastic seat. It can easily and comfortably seat two adults with ease allowing you to store any cushions when not in use.

Main Specifications

Material: Plastic
Colour: Brown
Box Dimensions: 129.5cm Long x 70cm Deep x 62.5cm High
Box Capacity: 416L

Main features

  • Decorative wicker effect
  • Lockable
  • Hydraulic piston assisted lid
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic
Current Price

5) Deuba Wooden Storage Box – Best Wooden Box

Deuba Wooden Storage Box

Although most of the storage boxes on our list are plastic or resin, we thought we’d include a classic garden storage box made from wood.

The Deuba wooden storage box is a high-quality and elegant box that’s perfect for adding a bit of style to any garden.

The box is constructed from acacia wood that has been treated with oil that not only makes the box look really good but also protects it from the weather. In addition to the treatment for the wood, there is also an inner tarpaulin to protect the contents from the rain.

Whether you wish to use the box for seat cushions, tools, garden equipment, or toys, this classic cushion box offers the necessary storage space.

Main Specifications

Material: Acacia Wood
Colour: Brown
Box Dimensions: 117cm Long x 59cm Deep x 50cm High
Box Capacity: 340L

Main features

  • Attractive design
  • Wooden construction
  • Slatted design allows airflow
  • Including inner tarpaulin to protect items from moisture
Current Price

6) Keter Java Storage Box – Best Rattan Effect Box

Keter Java Storage Box

If you love the look of rattan then the Keter Java is the storage box for you.

Boasting a whole lot of storage mixed with a beautiful stylish look the Java storage box is versatile, waterproof, UV-resistant and stable.

Offering 870 Litres of storage means that you can easily store your seat cushions, garden tools, toys, and much more all in one place.

Made from durable, weather-resistant, and fade-free plastic, the contents will always stay dry. The cushion box can withstand even the worst rainstorm, and will not be affected by the harmful rays of the sun.

To help you move the box around easily, its got integrated handles and the lid is easy to open and close again thanks to gas struts. Best of all the storage box is lockable to keep all of your items safe and secure.

Main Specifications

Material: Plastic
Colour: Graphite Grey or Brown
Box Dimensions: 147cm Long x 83cm Deep x 86cm High 147 x 83 x 86
Box Capacity: 870L

Main features

  • Stylish rattan finish
  • Lockable
  • Gas strut assisted lid
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic
Current Price

7) Lifetime Heavy Duty Box – Best Heavy Duty Box

Lifetime Heavy Duty Box

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty storage box then the Lifetime storage box is for you.

With a whole range of different sizes, this storage box solution suits a whole variety of different needs and requirements.

One of the best things about these boxes is the construction. Made with rigid dual-wall construction means they are very strong and will last a long time.

As with many of the Keter models, this handy storage box also doubles up as a bench which means you can sit on it and then store the cushions inside when not in use.

The Lifetime storage units are also resistant to most types of weather. They are both water and rain-resistant and also protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Main Specifications

Material: Plastic
Colour: Desert Sand
Box Dimensions: 127.8cm Long x 58.9cm Deep x 66cm High
Box Capacity: 439L

Main features

  • Variety of sizes and designs
  • Lockable
  • Rigid dual-wall construction
  • Heavy duty construction
Current Price

Don’t forget that you can check out our full range of Garden Storage Boxes in our online shop.